My publications

My recent publications:

  • Rhetorical codes of Socialist Realism: words and images in Bolesław Bierut’s „Six-years Warsaw’s Reconstruction Plan”, in: Rhetoric and Politics: Central/Eastern European Perspectives ed. M. Załęska, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012, 127 – 146 [table of contents: rhetorics-politics].
  •  Notariusze jako interpretatorzy przedstawień napieczętnych. Uwagi nad metodologią badań ikonograficznych w sfragistyce, in: Dawne pieczęcie. Typologia-metody badań-interpretacje, ed. Z. Piech, Warszawa: Wydawnictwo DiG, 2015, 267-284 [table of contents: ST_Dawne-Pieczecie1007].
    • Abstract: The paper presents a group of primary resources for the Polish medieval sigillography that were written by professional notaries. The descriptions of seals were written for different legal proceedings in the Middle Ages. Today they can be used in researching medieval imaginary and iconography as some of them provide very elaborate explanations of symbols and scenes that can be seen on seals.
  • „W obronie podstawowych zasad etyki zawodowej historyka” – polemiki naukowe na łamach „Przeglądu Historycznego”, in: Retoryka-wiedza-krytyka, ed. M. Załęska, Warszawa: Polskie Towarzystwo Retoryczne, 2016, 113-138.
    • Abstract: The paper focuses on so-called ‘polemiki’, i.e. polemical exchanges within academic disputes by the historians in Poland. The research corpus is based on texts published in an academic specialized journal “Przegląd Historyczny”. Research results show that the major rhetoric problems of such disputes are caused by argumentum ad hominem abuse and difficulties in proving and exercising authority of a historian who turns into a critic, as opposed to his/her usual professional role as a history researcher.